Emergency Commercial Roofing Repair

All roofs eventually need some kind of repair, which is why Geissler Roofing provides custom commercial roofing solutions in the St. Louis area. But did you know that we also offer emergency on-call services for commercial roof repairs that need immediate attention?

When your commercial roofing system suffers damage from storms, debris, and other problems, it must be repaired quickly in order to minimize damage to the interior of the building. At Geissler Roofing we have more than 80 years of experience in the repair of commercial roofing systems in our St. Louis and Southern Illinois service areas, and can often extend the lifespan of a roof with our high quality emergency roof repairs.

Workmanship Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranties on Our Emergency Roof Repairs

When you hire Geissler Roofing to repair your commercial property’s roof, you’ll be getting the benefit of high quality roofing materials combined with the skills of our experienced union roofers. Each repair we perform is backed by Geissler’s own Workmanship Guarantee in addition to the warranties offered by our reliable manufacturers. This means that your roof will be protected long after we leave your property.

All Types of Emergency Roof Repairs

Whether your roof incurs damage from a storm, a fallen tree, or just general aging, Geissler Roofing has the knowledge and resources necessary to find and repair all types of damage. At Geissler Roofing we have an expertise in a wide variety of roofing types, and that expertise is not just limited to installation techniques. We know what it takes to perform lasting roof repairs on every style of roofing that we install—just another reason we are a leading choice for commercial roofing in St. Louis.

Protect Your Investment... Don’t Delay!

If a disaster strikes your commercial building and the roof incurs damage from wind, hail, falling debris, or some other event, please DO NOT WAIT to call Geissler Roofing as soon as possible. The health of your roof can impact the health of your entire building and all of its contents (including people), so repairs need to be made quickly. Water entry can cause serious structural harm to your building’s ceilings, walls, and floors. In some extreme cases, a leaking roof can even cause expensive damage to framing and foundations if left unrepaired.

Geissler’s Emergency Roof Repair Process

When you call us, we will come. Unlike some roofing companies who only assess damage from the ground level, our professional estimators will climb up onto your roof to fully inspect every aspect of your roofing system. The trained eyes of our roofing experts will spot even the slightest sign of damage, and we will act quickly to both fix current damage when needed and prevent future damage. We will prioritize finding and stoping leaks at the source to prevent further damage; then we will thoroughly assess your roof to determine what kind of action should be taken to maintain proper function of your commercial roofing system in the future.

The Emergency Roof Repair Professionals at Geissler Roofing will be Sure to Document all Assessments for your Insurance Purposes.

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